Why play a Super Lottery?

What are the benefits of playing the major world super lottery games? Well to state the obvious, the opportunity to be in with a chance of winning million of pounds in cash is a fairly good reason to play. Of course by participating in the lottery you are helping to keep people who work in the lottery industry employed, all those countless people all around the world who rely on the likes of you and I to play the national and international super lottery games. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Well certainly in these days of recession it does give a warm glow inside. But no, the main reason is still the opportunity to win mega amounts of cash, to live out your wildest dreams to maybe buy a boat, a flash car, holidays abroad, expensive jewellery………. Of course there are also the good causes!

The National lottery gives a percentage of all the lottery revenue generated to good causes, a very acceptable 28% in fact. The National Lottery states on its website that over £22 billion has been donated to good causes this has been achieved as a direct result of all the revenue generated from the super lottery tickets sold since the UK National lottery’s launch in 1994. Clearly for every one who has purchased a lottery ticket this is something to be very proud of, to be able to have been part of such a wonderful fund raising operation to assist charities, community groups and even Olympic athletes makes participating in the lottery a really worthwhile experience …….. not that the option to win massive amounts of life changing cash is the main criteria for buying a lottery ticket, nor the opportunity to live the rest of your life in complete and utter luxury, that couldn’t possibly be the main reason for playing!

While the pros are clearly apparent the cons are not quite so many, the loss of that much needed £1 that will buy a newspaper for instance!

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